Sports Vision

Whether you’re an elite athlete, amateur or simply enjoy sport to keep fit and socialize, your eyes have a big say on how well you play.

Nothing happens in sport until the eyes let the body know what to do.

If you have ever wondered how much your sport performance could be improved by vision correction, you need only  look at the professionals, wearing frames and lenses designed for their sport to keep them playing at the very highest level regardless of the conditions.

At Vision Care Opticians, we can give you accurate and relevant advice whatever your sport.  Whether you wear glasses or not, your ability can be enhanced with the correct lens type for your sport and we offer the specialized tints to improve their function.

Sports eyewear frames and lenses should be as close to unbreakable as possible.  Protection is vital for cycling eyewear in terms of the sun, wind, dust, insects and road debris, therefore there is a need to blend toughened polycarbonate lenses with a tint to match your usual environment, but all in a highly wrapped frame to maximise peripheral vision and protect your eyes from the elements.  The ideal tint will depend on the conditions you tend to cycle in.

For those who want protection purely on bright days, consider polarising options as they have been specifically designed to eliminate glare and reflections of the road.

Alternatively, if you want something to help out in lower light conditions, where wind protection is as important as brightness, light enhancing yellow and orange lenses should be considered whatever the choice you go for, full UV protection is a must.

In recent years eyewear has become an established part of the team kit in many sports.  Sports eyewear has also developed as a sports fashion item, and styles, colours, base curves and eye shapes have become more pronounced and adventurous.

So, whether you are a road racing cyclist, mountain biker, cricketer, golfer, squash player, gaelic footballer or take part in any other sport, you should not under estimate the importance of all round vision and eye protection.

Ensure clear vision, even in the most difficult conditions such as the rapid interplay between light and shadow, strong UV radiation, dust, insects or stones from the road.  This enhances concentration and performance.

Contact lenses are often the correction of choice in sport, providing clear stable “all round vision” without any limitations from a spectacle frame.

Another benefit is that “plano, off the peg” sports eye protection can be used over the contact lenses, thus saving the cost of sometimes expensive prescription sports eye wear and giving the wearers a much greater choice of appliance.

Vision Care has chosen to stock two of the world’s top sports vision brands,  Oakley and Maui Jim, along with multiple other brands to cover many sports.

Vision Care Opticians is Omagh’s only independent licensed dealer for prescription and non-prescription Oakley and Maui Jim eyewear.  We have a comprehensive range of Oakley and Maui Jim available and our staff can advise you as to which product will best suit your needs.